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Wealthy Way label

Hoodoo Roots WEALTHY WAY

is a traditional conjure formula which

is designed help the user to build real

wealth. WEALTHY WAY is in the

same formula family as our MONEY


ACCOUNT, and other Money, Career,

and Success product lines.


As always, Hoodoo Roots Tradition-

al Spiritual Supplies are prayerfully

hand-made. They contain organic

herbs, roots, and flowers (because pes-

ticides have no place in your spiritual

formulas) and pure botanical essences,

absolutes, and ottos. We use no artifi-

cial aroma chemicals whatsoever. As

herbalists and workers, we know that

real botanical essential oils carry the

beating heart, shining and vibrant, of

Crown and radiance

the plants from which they are made.

Depending upon how old you are, your own

great-grandmother most likely used pure,

botanical essences exclusively. Artificial

aroma manipulation is distinctly a modern

phenomena, developed because those scents

are vastly less costly to produce, and do not

depend upon sun and rain, earth and har-

vest. They are divorced from the natural

world. We at Hoodoo Roots are old-fashion-

ed enough to believe that the old ways are

the best ways when it comes to spiritual work.

You can count on us to keep it real! Here’s to

the holy natural world, in all of it’s green and

shining glory!

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Anoint green candles with our

WEALTHY WAY Conjure Oil, pulling

the oil smoothly towards you. Set a

WEALTHY WAY dressed, blessed Vigil

Candle atop your bank statement or

open checkbook and burn this down.

Visualize yourself receiving a shower

of gold and paper money, shining and

glittering down on you from above.

Feel viscerally the blessing of this

largess. See yourself as achieving all

of your financial goals. See your family

enjoying increased prosperity and sta-

bility. See exactly what this will mean

to you and your loved ones. Feel the

emotion of this blessing deep inside

of yourself fully and intensely.

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Purchase WEALTHY WAY Traditional Spiritual Supplies

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